Friday, July 15, 2011


The flight over was pretty good. I just slept, and then watched Rango which turned out to be a pretty awesome movie. My one complaint was that during the scene where Rango needs inspiring to save the day, the flight attendents made an announcement so you couldn’t hear the crux of the movie. I guess I’ll just have to buy the DVD when I get situated and watch it again. 
When we were getting off the plane, it was about 2:30, and there were some American girls ahead of me, saying something like, “Weird, it doesn’t feel like we’ve left home and all—it’s foggy just like San Francisco!!” I didn’t have the heart to tell them that it wasn’t really fog that they were looking at, but they’re going to figure it out eventually. 
I took a look at the exchange rates in both the US and China, and exchanging money in the airport in China was a way better deal—there was a really big difference in the rates. (I wish I had waited and exchanged here). 
Also, customs is so much easier in China than it is in the US. The line just moves so much quicker, and there’s so much less hassle, and that’s for a foreigner. The Chinese lines looked even better. China is just really good at handling massive numbers of people. 
I’m still not done traveling though. I need to hop on a plane to Kunming, and then I’m going to ride one of the dreaded Chinese overnight buses. I’ll spend the entire night crying and wishing I had spent the money on a plane ticket. These buses are miserable—they’re simply not designed for anyone over 5’3” and they’re just hot, sweaty, bouncy, cramped, and miserable. On the bright side, I have my kindle, so I’ll just spend the night reading Sherlock Holmes. 

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