Friday, July 15, 2011

The Dorms

We finally moved into the dorms that we’re going to be staying in for the rest of the institute where we learn how to teach. They’re the exact same dorms that the middle schoolers have been living in….and they’re interesting. 
My bed is literally boards that you cover over with a blanket like object. And the bathroom is a trench. There are short walls (lower than waist height which makes things awkward) and no doors or anything so it’s a very public experience. You just go in and chat with friends. For some of the fellows, it’s their first time using a squat toilet, so we practiced in the hallway (which I’m sure looked hilarious). 
Other modern facilities, like plugs, washing machines, air-conditioners, or anything of that nature is completely non-existent. 
All the Chinese fellows are here now, and they seem to be pretty awesome. I’ve already tossed a frisbee around with one of my new Chinese roomies and some of the other guys. they all seem great, but learning names is going to be difficult. Both Chinese and American fellows have been having problems learning each-others names, but I feel like the American fellows are having a rougher time of it. 
We’re supposed to use mosquito netting on the bed, and I ended up getting this bright pink mosquito netting that is clearly meant for use by a 12 year old girl. Added to that, the sheets that I was given are covered in flowers, so basically my bed is pretty cute—not necessarily what I was going for—but I guess I’m a pretty princess?? I’ll deal. 

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