Friday, July 15, 2011

Small Problems...

I’ve ran into two small problems so far. One was withdrawing money from a bank—it ended up charging me 150 bucks, and then didn’t give me any RNB, so that was a big bummer. I talked to people at the bank, and it sounds like China Construction Bank and Bank of America are just blaming each-other or something? Banking terms in Chinese are not my strong suit. But basically it ate my monies. We’re starting to get a small ($30/week) stipend next week though, so that will be nice. 
Also, gmail is just really problematic. I managed to get on now (with the lovely wifi we’ve now got in our workroom) but it’s not that dependable. I’ll be able to read all my emails, so definitely email me! but my responses are likely gonna be short. I’m considering buying a VPN (basically a thing that allows me to connect to a server in the US and bypass the firewall (and use netflix!)) but it would just be a rather large portion of my salary so I’m hesitant to do it just for email and netflix, especially when gmail works just fine on the kindle. 
Also, cockroaches and mosquitoes everywhere. 

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