Friday, July 15, 2011

Hiking Qishan

LinCang is up in the mountains, and it’s beautiful. We decided to use our last day of freedom to try and hike one of the local peaks. In China though, when you “hike” up a mountain, you’re walking up stone stairs that are set into the mountain going directly upwards, and it’s hard because you end up doing nothing but walking up stairs for an hour and a half. I was really craving a good old fashioned trail the entire time I was walking up. I mean, I feel like making a simple trail is just so much easier for everyone involved—workers don’t have to put in stone steps, and people who are hiking it get to walk up in a way that’s not miserably exhausting. Not everyone in the group we were going with ended up going all the way—it was a tough hike—but I made it!
The view from the top totally made it worth it though.

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