Friday, July 15, 2011

The Long Dreaded Bus Ride

The bus was actually much nicer than every other Chinese bus I’ve ever been on. In most of them, the beds are really small and make this weird shape that’s ideal for cramming lots of people into a small face…I just don’t fit into those beds. These beds were flat, and I actually managed to get some decent sleep. Part of that was just the 5 hours that we sat in a traffic jam literally not moving at all—I managed to sleep quite soundly without the bus bouncing around…sadly in those five hours the bus didn’t magically make it to lincang, so it ended up being a 13 hour bus ride rather than an 7-8 hour one. I was traveling with another fellow, James, and once we got here it was really easy to grab a cab and get to the hotel where we’ll be staying for a week before we move into the dorms. We’ve got two full days before classes start, so things are looking good. 

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