Friday, July 15, 2011


I’m off to China! I just spent an entire day packing, and I ended up bringing way too much stuff. I’ve got a camping backpack, and two small bags. Most of it is clothes, but I brought some fun stuff too:



climbing gear including a whole bunch of stuff for making anchors

hiking boots

3 juggling balls

boggle, bananagrams, and a deck of cards

an absurd amount of deoderant

a frisbee

pullup grips

running shoes

cards from home

a New Mexican flag

a 3g Kindle

and stickers and stuff for my future students

I think I did a pretty good job packing, but I’m looking forward to seeing how much and what the other people doing the program with me brought. I think I’m on the lighter end of things, but I definitely ended up bringing more than I originally planned.

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