Saturday, July 16, 2011


I'm a huge fan of the food here. The staple dish is noodles in a light spicy soup with a small bit of meat, chives, and other random veggies. It's pretty delicious. There's a lot of standard Chinese fare as well--white rice that you top with flavorful and spicy chopped veggies and meat. My two favorite dishes, which is available everywhere because everyone likes it, are rice with tomatoes and eggs, and mapo doufu which is a spicy tofu dish. I'm a huge fan, but I definitely need to look around Lincang for more variety. I've hit up some of the more ethnic places, which have been nice, but this place definitely lacks far behind Beijing (or any of the major cities) in terms of the varieties of food available. At least it's delicious. I've managed to charge my camera, so I'll try and take pictures of all these delicious foods that everybody who is reading this blog doesn't get to eat. :D

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