Monday, September 26, 2011


We have a meeting for all the teachers every week on Sunday, and it's pretty boring. I can't understand anything that's happening, so I just doodle or lesson plan. Anyways, all the teachers are supposed to start turning in the notes that they take during these meetings (so that they can tell that we're all paying attention), but when I was told this I explained that I have no idea what's happening ever. The response, in Chinese, "just write down random things in English, it's OK." Very soon, whoever is in charge of this, will be looking at English song lyrics interspersed with things like "something about a test," "teachers something every day," "in tacos???"


  1. Nice. Eventually your Chinese will improve and you can take real notes? Or, alternatively, since copying is approved (apparently), maybe you can copy from a fellow attendee?

  2. Their expectations really aren't that high for me. I can literally write down whatever I want in English, and as long as I appear to be trying to pay attention it's ok. I have to turn something in because I am a teacher, but they're not going to be upset if I don't understand it because of the language barrier.

    Especially because they sometimes start talking in the local dialect, so there's no absolutely no way for me to understand that.