Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Aftereffects of the Dali Trip

I've been talking with a few of the other fellows after going to Dali, and the vast majority of us came back from Dali with pretty upset stomachs. None of us are used to a Western diet anymore, and that's all we were eating in Dali. Coming back to my town and eating Chinese food feels really good. (that's not to say I'm not desperately craving sandwiches or breakfast burritos with salsa, just that my digestive system is relieved)


  1. Also, unrelated, I was talking about taking notes in class today, and I freaked out on some kids when they spelled pencil wrong after I wrote it on the board. I was getting way too intense about taking good notes. Good times.

  2. Aha! that desire to see things properly spelled is genetic - not sure if you got it from both sides of the family, but I can see where I'd be thinking - I just wrote it on the BOARD! Glad your digestive issues are better. I might be thinking food poisoning type stuff, or differing amounts of total dissolved solids in the water (if you are drinking it) either too much TDS or too little can cause digestive issues.

  3. I just realized you said you ate mooncakes in Dali. Did you not remember the mooncakes I brought home from Beijing? Pretty box, pretty cakes, pretty dreadful? Those who don't remember mistakes are doomed to eat mooncakes.