Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm a zhizhou?

So, I'm a zhizhou this week. I'm still not sure exactly how to translate this, but it means I'm responsible for things. Exactly what things I'm still unclear on, but it involves walking around the students' dorms, and making sure they're there at night (from 9:45--11 at night). It also involves being awake at 6:40 and making sure the kids do a good job lining up for food. And then I'm supposed to do some more walking around, or something. Most of what I've been doing has been unclear to me, but I get to have a journal and flashlight, so that's cool? And I don't get to sleep much.

This experience basically encapsulates my experience in China so far--I had no idea I was doing this until 5 minutes before I started doing it, and I'm not really sure what I'm doing, but I just pretend like I do.

Fun times?


  1. Finally, we have a Zhizhou in the family!

  2. And....I figured out what I'm supposed to be doing during zhizhou. Kinda. It definitely involves drinking baijiu in a guardhouse with old Chinese men.

    I'm pretty sure everything I do here is supposed to somehow involve drinking baijiu with old Chinese men though, so I'm not sure how enlightening that is.

  3. Hey, we need a Zhizhou - I fall asleep before 11, but the boys don't - and may not be in bed. Maybe I should take up drinking baijiu? I can't say it sounds all that tasty!

  4. I can translate Zhizhou- you've become The Man.