Friday, September 9, 2011

Flexibility of the School Schedule

I'm constantly amazed by how flexible the school schedule can be. Because we have Monday and Tuesday off, we have extra classes today (Friday) and the students have to stay at the school for an additional night to attend classes tomorrow morning. This kind of schedule rearranging is common, and we only hear about it at the very last minute (i.e. today).

I'm excited to have a little break! Some friends and I are going to be headed to Dali where we'll meet some other fellows who are headed up from near Lincang. I'm looking forward to seeing people, spending way too much money buying pizza and peanut butter, and taking a little break.


  1. Have fun! Does it make it difficult to teach stuff when you were not planning on teaching it until next week?

  2. it's not that bad actually. I'm normally a couple of lessons planned in advance so it's not a big deal to teach them early.