Thursday, September 15, 2011

English Class

One thing that I've noticed in class is that students are completely unwilling to ask questions when they don't understand something. I've repeated over and over that I am happy when they ask questions because that helps them and helps the entire class, but am unhappy when someone is confused about what is going on but isn't asking questions. Despite this, the kids still don't dare to ask questions. I don't think I've had a single student ask me a question since I've started teaching, and some of them are definitely wayyyy confused when I call on them. It's frustrating, especially because I think it's a cultural problem so it's going to be hard to overcome.

My plan: have a class dedicated entirely to teaching them how to ask questions and why questions are important. Hopefully that will work and they'll actually raise their hands to ask questions rather than just to answer them. .


  1. Let me know how that goes. I wouldn't mind working that into my classes since my kiddies haven't even hit their awkward-shy adolescent stage yet, and especially since they're your future students!