Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just got back from Dali!

And it's crazy how much work I have to do before tomorrow. There's always so much to do, especially when I take off the weekend to eat Western food and relax and not do work. The worst is definitely the grading, and I only have 60 kids.

We just celebrated the mid-Autumn festival in Dali which means we ate moon-cakes (not really very tasty) and enjoyed the full moon. While in Dali I met this man called Whisper who was from Bernalillo, New Mexico, and was one of the odder characters I've encountered. He described himself as a "citizen of the world," held forth at long length on various odd topics that we were already pretty familiar with, and was basically a ninja because he would just keep popping up out of nowhere. A lot of the expats that end up living over here are quite weird and I'd say that about half of them have really nasty looking dreadlocks.

Anyways, as tempting as it to procrastinate doing work to keep writing things that people may/may not find interesting, I'm instead gonna procrastinate by cleaning my place (it needs it).


  1. Glad you are back at school. Good luck with classes.

  2. Seriously? New Mexican? Did you get this man's name? Because you know how things are--either your father swam with this guy's cousin or your grandfather went to grade school with his aunt or your grandmother knows his mom from high school. (Hilarious--dirty dreadlockian ex-pats and a compulsive talker from Bernalillo!)

  3. All I know is that his name is Whisper. I should have asked about his last name. I'll probably run into him again so I'll ask.

  4. ...Whisper? Okaaaay. In these situations, the State Department Handbook recommends: If you run into him again, just keep running.