Sunday, November 6, 2011


PDA Conference: fun, useful, and really time-consuming
Students: failed midterm
Me: horribly busy
Weather: chilly
Knife-shaved noodles: tasty


  1. Sorry about the midterms...but happy the knife shaved noodles are good. Have I been eating unshaved noodles all these years?

  2. You have been. I think it's ok that they're not shaved though. The knife-shaved part refers to how they're made--by shaving/cutting a piece of dough so that noodles are made and fall into boiling water.
    Here's a picture of somebody making knife-shaved noodles:
    And here's a pic of a bowl of deliciousness:

  3. Also sorry about the midterms. But yayy deliciousness.
    I've also been instructed to share with you a picture of an ibex (which I've seen):
    And a tapir (which I haven't.):

    Sorry for the ugly links.

  4. Sorry about the midterms. I hope your students are feeling like there is a way up - as are you!