Monday, November 14, 2011

Getting Interviewed is Scary

So, there was a film crew here yesterday filming our school, TFC  fellow's classes (mine included), and interviewing us. I think the class that they filmed went well, and the interview....happened.

It took place in my room. My room is very small. There's very little room for two men with gigantic cameras, a dude with a boom stick (or whatever those sound things are called), this giant lamp-like structure that made my room really bright, my boss who was interviewing me (I ended up using English because he did) and another random dude with a high-powered camera who was snapping photos. I really wish I had a working camera so that I could have gotten a picture of all these people crammed into my room. I said words when I got interviewed, so hopefully that was what they were looking for.

(p.s. Everybody enjoyed the awesome New Mexico flag that I have hanging up)


  1. That sounds fun. English is good...I will be able to understand the interview if I get to see it.

  2. What an experience! Finally, we'll get to see the 5' wood plank bed! See, turns out you don't need a camera--you just need to attract a world famous director's attention.

  3. What a lovely picture you painted of the interview. What is up w/ your camera? How sad to not have a working camera. Maybe you'll get a visitor who will will bring you one? (Hint to your parents!)

  4. Will, did you, or will you, get to meet Jiang Wen?