Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm back

We had break, so Tim, Laura, Sasha and I all headed down to Lincang (about 10 hours away) to meet up with our friends down there, and have a Thanksgiving feast. We brought down a peanut butter pie and some baguettes (Dali is the only place in Yunnan with decent bakeries) and other people made mashed potatoes, duck, and soup. It was a ton of fun, and it was great to see everyone.

Tim, Laura, and I then headed to Xiben, an elementary school that's about ten minutes out from Lincang to visit our friends there (who also had an x-box, a dog, and a projector). It was a whole bunch of fun. They teach a first grade P.E. class, so I got to play with cute little Chinese kids--we mostly played "climb on the foreigner." (Only Heqing schools got vacation because we're in Dali zhou, other schools had school like normal this week).

Now I'm back in Songgui, trying to prep for the eight day school week that's starting this Friday.

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  1. Yummy - nothing quite like peanut butter pie - but what is it? Climb on the foreigner sounds like a game I've seen you play here! (Climb on the cousin!) I am certain the kids loved it. The schedule does sound crazy - 8 day school week! I need to tell the boys!