Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Recently, one of my friends, another TFC Georgetowner stationed in Yunnan came up to Heqing (where I am) to visit and check out our schools. She was struck by who many Bai women there are everywhere here. (the Bai women have a very distinctive manner of dress: ). It was something that I hadn't thought about in a very long time: I'm used to it. That made me start thinking about how many other things that I've gotten used to, that it wouldn't cross my mind to write about simply because they are everyday parts of life. On top of that, I've spent about 5 months in Beijing, and while Beijing is quite different from Heqing, I'm still not looking at China with very fresh eyes.

So, questions? I'll answer anything. Just write a question in the comments--it can even be anonymous--and I'll do my best to answer. Want to know how a Chinese dictionary is organized? (radical stroke order) Want to know more about food? About the school? About the kids? This is your chance.


  1. Question example: How do I post anonymously?
    Answer example: Below this box it says "Comment as:" and then has a drop-down menu. Select "Anonymous" and then hit post comment. It'll be awesome. :)

  2. Will,

    What is your typical day? Start to finish?

  3. What sort of dating/marriage culture is there locally?

  4. Anonymous 1, you made me laugh. Here's what this guy who was passing by just asked me to ask you: "Are the women as stubborn in China?" Also, that's a wild way to set up a dictionary! How do you know what the radical stroke order is? Is it the same problem we have--that is, to find out how a word is spelled, you have to know how to spell it?

  5. Apparently we are all anonymous today. I don't know enough about China to ask a good question - or even a bad one. How did your kids feel about not doing so well on midterms?