Sunday, December 11, 2011


Recently I:

saw an awesome lunar eclipse
wrote a lot of lesson plans
got food poisoning (for the fourth time since coming here)
ate lots of delicious Chinese barbecue (not related to above)
made a student cry (and I'm not very sorry about it)
found out that that picture of me is on renren (the Chinese version of fbook)
used a lot of parentheses in a blog post (because they're awesome)
and have been too busy to write blogs about what's been going on and ones answering people's questions


  1. Nice work with the parentheses. They can be very effective (when used sparingly). But I am never (well almost never) sure I am using them properly. But the danger (and I mean this seriously) is if you use them too much (more than once in a sentence may be just that), the whole sentence can get too long and hard to follow. :)

  2. Quote from wikipedia on parentheses:

    Parentheses may also be nested (generally with one set (such as this) inside another set). This is not commonly used in formal writing (though sometimes other brackets [especially square brackets] will be used for one or more inner set of parentheses [in other words, secondary {or even tertiary} phrases can be found within the main parenthetical sentence])

  3. I am left speechless. I think both of you have used your allotment of parentheses and will have to avoid parenthetical explanations for the next month or so!