Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I just got to play in the teacher's basketball game, which turned out to be a lot of fun. It was an official(ish) game, so we had a ton of kids watching for the first half, which was fun. They seemed to enjoy watching, and also (surprisingly) seemed to enjoy  it when I ran several of them over (mildly).* Tim got to come up from the Elementary school to participate, and he got placed on the P.E. teacher team, and I got placed on the regular teacher team. It was a really close intense game--we ended up tying 45-45 and not going into overtime, for which I was grateful. I'm exhausted now. I've been doing some running, but it doesn't really prepare you for basketball. I think I might try to get more into basketball while I'm over here. I've got basically no experience, but there's nobody who plays soccer, and playing tonight reminded me of how much fun running around is.

I also happened to glance at the square on the blog that has links to all my previous blog entries.....I really really like using exclamation marks in titles. Probably too much. I tried taking the exclamation off of basketball, but it just seemed wrong, so from here on out, if I'm really excited about something I'm just going to add an exclamation mark, but the default is definitely having one.

*more than once. It was different kids!


  1. Basketball! Right on! I will look for the highlights on ESPN6!

  2. I love exclamation points! Keep it up!

  3. Yea, running around--and over the spectators! Glad to hear it! At this point in your career, I'm impressed that you could play an intense basketball game without coughing up the plumbing. Question: Will there be a photo?! Please!?!