Tuesday, December 13, 2011


It's gotten pretty chilly here (to the extent that it's a little hard to type this because my hands are cold) and it's making me much more willing to skip showers. Central heating (and air conditioning*) are nonexistent, and the showers are solar powered, so when it's cloudy out, there's only freezing cold water. I've had some really short showers fulled with tons of yelping and dancing.* I've got a space heater in my room, but it can still be cold, and my space heater can't travel to class or restaurants with me. So, showering is a bummer, and the main way that people choose to deal with it is by simply not showering. Sadly, I've been running, and so I can't go for a week without a shower like most everybody else. I'm going to work on naturally smelling better--we'll see how it goes.

*Fun fact: air conditioner is one of the words in the curriculum for the 5th graders over at the elementary school--I don't think they could have chosen a word less relevant to these kids' lives. They have no idea what an air conditioner looks like. The curriculum is, sadly, littered with such words that simply aren't of any interest or use to my kids.

*If it weren't for the nudity, a video of me showering would probably become the next big thing on youtube.


  1. Hmmm...is it going to be cold in January too? Will my hostel have heat?

  2. Should we send those fingerless gloves to you so you can keep up the blog? Just think of all the water you are saving!

  3. If someone is reading this blog and laughing, is that the sign of a heartless nature? It's not me, I'm asking for a friend of mine.