Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Happy Day after Christmas everybody!!

It's weird and sad being so far away from my family for Christmas-time, but I spent Christmas Eve with friends in Dali, and Christmas Day grading papers and teaching a class, so it was nice.

In Dali, people have started this truly awful tradition of spraying people in the face with silly string on Christmas Eve night. It's impossible to walk around because you'll get a mouth full of silly string, whether or not you're trying to participate. In fact, if you're unarmed (as I was) and tourist looking (I'm not really that Chinese looking) you're going to be sprayed a good amount. My enraged glower kept away a lot of people, but walking around was still not a fun experience.

More fun was last night. Where I'm at, there's a Christmas tradition of giving people apples wrapped in lots of plastic and looking all pretty. Every Sunday night my class has a study hall that I'm responsible for watching over, and my kids gave me lots of these apples. A hilarious amount of them. It's made my entire outlook a lot more cheerful.


  1. How cool that you now have apples! Plus, due to the lack of central heating in your room, they are likely to last.

  2. The apples sound wonderful. We missed you here. I hope you got your cousin Christmas gift! I'm never as certain as I should be about email addresses.

  3. When you can, please take a picture of the apples!! That's touching that so many kids gave you a present.

    Silly stringing strangers in the face--sounds like lighting a match in a coal mine. Especially considering the local inebriation factor. Although, like squirt guns, the impulse is probably irresistible. (Question: do women & girls string people?)