Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Squat

One of the major skills that I'm going to take back with me to the states is the ability to do the Chinese squat (incredibly well); To do a proper squat: have your heels flat on the ground, and lower yourself until the backs of your quads and your bottom is resting on your calves. It will probably feel pretty unsteady at first. (please make sure you get someone to take pictures of you attempting this--I've taught some people how to squat, and it's always a pretty funny experience).

Now that you've learned how to squat, you can do it anywhere, and for any reason. Playing cards? Squat. Eating lunch? Squat. Bored and waiting for something? Pop a squat and chillax. Going to the restroom? Get used to the position. (People have been squatting their entire lives, so it's a very comfortable position, and if there's no seat, they'll just hunker down)


  1. Tried it (sorry, didn't let anyone take a picture)--you're right, you've got to put weight in the heels. Actually, pretty comfy. (Thanks, Teach!) Now, back at you: If you rise about half way, put your weight on the balls of your feet, and shift side to side...skiing! Fast!

  2. So where are the pictures of you learning?