Saturday, October 29, 2011


Marijuana is extremely illegal in China, but in Yunnan, the province I'm in, it grows wild. Some of it is cultivated by local people to use as a spice in cooking, and to eat the seeds. My friends were on a home-visit the other weekend, and the father served them weed seeds. These same seeds can be bought in our county capital (which is about a 30 minute van ride away). Nobody smokes the marijuana, so the government just turns a blind eye to the whole affair.


  1. I wonder if it is more like the hemp that allegedly can be found in ditches beside the highway here? (e.g., low THC or whatever?)

  2. while the locals don't smoke it, a lot of foreigners living here and travelers do smoke it, so I assume that it has a higher THC content. If you look foreigner, old grandmas will come up to you to try and sell it. Also, in terms of consumption, weed seeds are similar to sunflower seeds.

  3. You mean, instead of eating bottomless bags of sunflower seeds at soccer games, as American guys do, they could be eating mj seeds? Would there be the same grotty spitting factor, I wonder? I'm beginning to see possibilities here.