Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's a miracle!!!

I'm actually uploading pictures!!! While Jenn was here for Guoqingjie (national day) she came to my class and took a couple pictures. The first picture is from a seat in the third row from the back. so there are still a lot of kids you can't see. 
The second picture is my students lining up to turn in "star-bucks" that they get for answering difficult English questions correctly or otherwise helping me for prizes. The kids get a chance to do that every month and a half or so. Prizes included pencils, pens, notebooks, and books in simple English. 

The three kids in the front of this picture are some of my weaker students, but they're really enthusiastic and well behaved.  I actually visited all three of their families over the past weekend. (Wangshilin and Liuwenfeng, the two students on the left both live in the same village which is a terrifying bus ride away. The mountain road you go on is so twisty and narrow, and there's a huge drop-off to the side. Imagine Slumgullion pass except much much much worse. Zhangzeming lives a thirty minute bus ride and an hour walk away. )
The student in the middle, Wangshilin, is one of two students in my class who definitely need some sort of special education class. There are other students who are falling behind, but him and another student definitely need to be in a completely different class. 


  1. Thanks to Jenn for taking pictures! What great smiles.

  2. What cute kids! No wonder you're so dedicated to being a good teacher.

  3. Great pictures. I hate to think of a bus ride on a road worse than the Slum - of course, I can easily visualize the Slum pre-paving and widening - it was pretty scary! (I also saw an article written by a woman who came over it in a coach and six - obviously many years ago!)