Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Random Observation

When a Chinese person hands you a knife, they will do it blade first, not hilt first as we're accustomed to in the states. It feels weird to just grab a knife by the blade.

The reason enough Chinese people are handing me knives for me to comment on it--you peel every single fruit you eat here (almost). Pears (of which there are a ton of varieties) and apples always get peeled; I think it's because people don't like eating the skin, but I'm not exactly sure so I just follow suit.

My Mom, who despaired of my inability to properly peel an apple when I was trying to help her make apple sauce (I went for lots of hacking rather than proper technique), will be pleased to learn that my peeling abilities are masterful and getting better.


  1. Are there many one handed people in China? ("Dang! I knew I didn't like the looks of that guy! But, noooo, I had to try the pear!")

    And when someone hands you a sword--that's when you want to be a good judge of character.

  2. That's interesting. Also, you should get someone to hand you a sword. Cause then you'd have a sword.

  3. Just think, the next time you need to make applesauce, you will be the go to guy!

  4. No that's inappropriate to hand someone a knife by blade, even in China. Next time somebody do this, you can just tell him. I was scolded by my grandpa when i did this wrong at 8 years old.

  5. Although, Samuel...if somebody's got a paring knife pointed at a soft spot, maybe you should disarm him or her first? I'm impressed that Will is being so cool, calm, and collected with this pass-the-knife situation. When he's at home, he tends to step backwards, wide-eyed, when I pick up anything sharp and serrated. As do the other kids. I don't know why. We've never actually ended up with finger food. (And TKK, good point, so to speak--then you'd have a sword! Although it might be a Luke Skywalker-meets-Dad kind of mixed blessing.)