Saturday, April 14, 2012

I'm Still Alive!

Short version of this update--vacation was nice, coming back to school was tough, and I'm still alive. 

Last week was Tomb Sweeping, so we got time off. I think it also combined with some local holiday so my district got a little bit more time off than everybody else. We had 7 days off, so I headed to Guangdong to visit TFC fellows over there, and it was a lot of fun.. I went with a friend to Xiamen (a nice big city that's on the coast) ate delicious food, walked along the beach, and had an awesome time before heading back to Guangdong. The situation that TFC fellows are dealing with Guangdong is really different. There's a ton less class time, but insane testing pressures. It's a richer area, and the default job is working in a small factory, whereas here the default job seems to be farming. A lot of the kids work in the factories on the weekends, and a lot of them quit school early to start working full time. It's really different than Yunnan in a lot of ways, and because this is TFC's first year there isn't much support for the fellows there. 

Anyway, vacation was awesome, but coming back to school was rough. I had to cover some other teachers' classes, and switch classes, which ended up with me having a miserable schedule. I hadn't done enough over the break so I spent the entire time scrambling to stay on top of everything. But, I made it to the weekend, and we're having football and a potluck tonight, so I'm pretty excited. Whooo!


  1. Thanks for the update. Glad you are back in Yunnan. Hope the football and potluck was fun!

  2. So do you get to have your regular class back soon? I hope so. Also hoping football and potluck were fun!

  3. Some of your fans may be wondering, Is he still alive? First, yes, Will is still in China and is alive. Second, he has consistently posted great and timely updates, so it is okay he has missed a few. Third, his Uncle Mark promised to visit him. Fourth, Will has been playing basketball with the other teachers. Will's size and height help on rebounding. He is now working on the short put back shots so that he can convert those offensive boards into points.

  4. Nice to hear what is going on, even if second hand!