Monday, January 2, 2012

My Dad and My Sister are Coming!!!!!!!

They will be here tomorrow! I will greet them, and then take them to the best restaurant in town to partake in one of my new favorite dishes--pig's feet!


  1. Great! Visitors! A lunch of pig trotters? What an interesting and culturally enriching dining experience you will be giving to Tess, the Vacationing Vegetarian. Well, begin as you mean to go on, as they say. Next up--so to speak--braised brains?

  2. And just how do pig's feet taste? I really don't want to try them myself. Are they fried? Is it like chicken wings (lot of effort for not much meat?)

  3. ummmm.....actually...yeah. I was kinda thinking of having them try brain. It's really rich. That's not until friday though.

    And pig's feet are just rich and fatty. They cut all the meat out of the bottom pot of the leg, and then cook that. It's got a lot of fat, and has a really nice texture.