Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Horror, The Horror!

We are in Dali which is some kind of destination for foreigners traveling on a budget in China.  Will suggested we stay in a youth hostel he knows.  I asked "Is it super clean?"  He looked away.  So,  I suggested we stay in a nicely landscaped hotel with western toilets, free breakfast and hot water.  Much to every one's relief we followed my suggestion.

For reasons which are still unclear to me, Will and Tessa wanted to get a foot massage.  I know for a fact they think I was uncomfortable with the  idea, but really that is not true.  I have always liked dark steep stairways, a warren of low ceilinged rooms, musty recliners and strangers touching my feet.  The good news is it gave me a chance to ponder my lack of Chinese Language skills.  Here are a few phrases I wished I could say in Chinese:

"No, No, I do not want you to dig your knuckle in the bottom of my foot"
"No, not that foot either!"
"I will pay extra, even double, if you will stop"
"Nope, my foot does not bend that way!"

Thankfully, eventually she finished on my left foot so I knew I was halfway done.  The whole ordeal (all 50 minutes) cost just 50 Yuan and does not appear to have done any permanent damage.

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  1. I love foot massages! It does sound like yours was a bit more painful than most. I hope Will and Tessa's massages were less painful. Good decision on the hotel!