Friday, August 19, 2011

Great New Diet!

Apparently, eating nothing but Chinese food ends up being a fantastic diet. I've lost 10 to 15 pounds since I've been here (not really sure exactly because of lack of scales) and it just happened by accident. Guys just can't get the same amount of protein and fat here that we do in the states that allows us to bulk up, so the weight just goes away. My pants are all falling off, and I might have to punch another hole in my belt pretty soon.

Sadly, girls have the opposite problem. Most of the girls who came here last year with TFC ended up gaining a good amount of weight over the year. We've all got our theories for why this happens, but it definitely does. I'm just glad I'm on the good side of this weight change thing.

I've been in Dali for the past couple of days, and I've been eating almost all Western food (Dali has a lot of tourist stuff) and I can definitely feel the difference. My wallet also is feeling the difference--I've been paying about 5 times as much per meal, and it's tasty but it's not even that good. I want to get to my placement and start eating delicious Chinese food again.


  1. Dali sounds like a great home base for western visitors. How far is it from Heqing?

  2. Haha yay accidental weight loss!!!
    Also, yak steak does sound good.

  3. What about Nora's Fool (Proof) Chopstick Diet? All you can get into your mouth, plus beer and ice cream supplements. Seven pounds in seven days, and a rosy outlook on travel.

  4. Who's to say gaining weight is the bad side? Lucky them, filling out jeans well!